Wildlife and Sightseeing Tour 

Itinerary may include the following based on conditions and wildlife sightings:

-Cape Merry National Historic Site
-Miss Piggy
-Polar Bear Holding Facility (No, we do not get to hold the polar bears)
-Churchill Research Range (Rocket Range)
-The Golf Balls
-Wildlife Management Area
-SeaWalls Murals

Everyone wants to take the best photos while on vacation.  All our guides are well versed in photography and can help you create amazing images no matter if you are shooting with your phone or fancy camera.  

During February and March and from June to September we offer Willdlife and Sightseeing tours.  Each tour is unique and routes may vary depending on conditions and wildlife reports.  This tour explores the lands beyond what is generally walkable during your stay in Churchill.   This tour utilizes the the road network and explores a series of trails in the northwestern part of the Wildlife Management Area. The tour is approximately 4-5 hours in length depending on wildlife sightings. We reserve the right to modify this itinerary based on conditions in order to provide a comfortable and safe experience.

Bundle our Wildlife and Sightseeing tours with the low tide SS Ithaka Hike or Aurora Call List and qualify for a 15% discount. 

Call or text to confirm availability for short notice bookings (within 24 hours).  

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